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Targeted PEMF™ and Magnets: What’s the Difference?

We're often asked the difference between targeted PEMF and magnetic therapy - here is an answer for anyone who's curious!
Get the Loop Static magnets deliver a static (not time-varying) magnetic field and have been used in medicine for centuries. It is only recently that peer-reviewed clinical studi…

IVDD and Your Dog: The basics of caring for a "bad back"

Lisa of gives readers the basics of caring for a dog with intervertebral disc disease.
Get the Loop Assisi Animal Health values other products that aid in your pet's well-being, and one of those products is the Wiggleless back brace. With stainless steel supports, …

Announcing our National Cat Day contest winners!

In celebration of National Cat Day 2014, Assisi Animal Health awarded three finalists with an original Justin Canha animated portrait of their beloved feline friend. Here we reveal the finished cartoons.
In celebration of National Cat Day (October 29, 2014), Assisi Animal Health invited cat owners to send us pictures of their favorite felines for a chance to win an animated portra…