NEW! – Calmer Canine™, an Anxiety Management System for Dogs


Welcome to the Calmer Canine Sample Program!

Congratulations! You have been selected to be among the first to use the Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System to help treat canine separation anxiety. Welcome to the Calmer Canine Sample Program. We are excited to send you your complimentary Calmer Canine sample! Please carefully read this document, which contains instructions and requirements for the program, as well as your agreement form.

To ensure the availability of a sample, we ask that you email or fax your filled out Sample Request form (i.e. your agreement form) to us at michelle.graziano@assisianimalhealth by Friday, September 20th. You can also send via fax at fax to 415-481-0995. Once we have received your signed agreement form, including your selection of vest size, we will email you confirmation. Your Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System is expected to be available to ship out to you shortly thereafter (by the end of September).

As you begin the Calmer Canine Sample Program, please follow the steps below.

Step One: Prior to starting treatment, we ask that the pet owner whom you choose to receive the sample (if other than yourself) complete our on-line screening quiz for separation anxiety. In addition, we require a photo of the dog being treated with Calmer Canine. Before and after videos are ideal as well, but not required.

Required Documents:

Step Two: As the pet owner tracks their dog’s progress and treatment sessions, please have them fill out both the Anxiety Progress Tracker and the Treatment Log:

Required Documents:

Step Three: Upon completion of the sample program, please fill out the User Experience Questionnaire.

Required Documents:

We are very interested in your feedback and that (if applicable) of the pet owner! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Please email all materials to or fax to 415-481-0995.