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Clinical Use Guide

Expand your knowledge of how to use the Assisi Loop when treating your feline and canine patients. The Assisi Loop is a non-invasive Non-Pharmaceutical Anti-Inflammatory Device (NPAID®) that accelerates healing while reducing inflammation and pain. This guide is designed to answer questions you may have regarding the technology, the therapeutic benefits, and the therapeutic applications of the Assisi Loop and our companion products.

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Important: Before starting treatment, please consult the product label for optimal product use and safety considerations.


What is the tPEMF™ Therapy?

Targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (tPEMF) delivers a microcurrent that targets the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory process. A tiny electrical signal is deposited to the tissue in a way that mimics physiological stimulus that normally occurs in healthy tissue, thus stimulating cellular repair. The result is accelerated healing and relief of inflammation and its symptoms of pain and swelling. The Assisi Loop provides and effective non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical therapy based on the same technology that is FDA cleared for human use.

What are the benefits of the Assisi Loop?

  • Reduces pain
  • Increases mobility
  • Improves circulation
  • Accelerates healing
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduces pain medication
  • No dangerous side effects

How does the Assisi Loop work?

Very effectively! The Loop enhances Nitric Oxide production to help speed healing of soft and hard tissues—that includes skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, and organs. Your veterinary professional may recommend the Loop as a stand-alone treatment or as an effective adjunct to the other therapies they provide in-clinic. This portable, easy-to-use device allows pet owners to bring the healing home.

Will the patient feel anything during treatment?

The Assisi Loop can markedly increase blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which improves the overall tissue health and reduces pain associated with lack of sufficient oxygen. We often hear reports from pet owners that their animal relaxes as soon as they start their treatments with the Loop. With the many healing benefits that the Loop offers, this is not surprising.

Some animals will notice the increased blood flow because with increased circulation there is often a warming or tingling sensation. This is subtle, however, and many animals won't notice at all. There have been some reports of twitching as a physical reaction to the tPEMF™ therapy. This is very rare and is most likely to occur with animals that have had some type of long-term degenerative or chronic condition. Their condition may have resulted in extreme ischemia--a decrease in the blood supply to a bodily organ, tissue, or part caused by constriction or obstruction of the blood vessels. If the area has experienced this, then the increased blood flow may cause a reaction in the body such as feeling of warmth, tingling and, in extreme cases, twitching.

As such, we generally recommend that you reduce the treatment duration to 5 minutes rather than 15. Continue at the reduced duration until the twitching is gone and the area has assimilated to the increased perfusion of blood.

How soon will I see results?

For acute inflammation, you should see noticeable relief after the first or second treatment. With chronic or degenerative issues, you may not see notable results for 2 to 4 weeks. You’ll want to continue the treatments as recommended for continued long-term healing.

The Technology in Practice

The treatment fieldLoop_TreatmentField_Arrows_Simple.jpg

The effective treatment field fills the area of the Loop itself and extends on both sides, as illustrated. For a 10cm (4 inch) Loop, the treatment field extends 6-7cm (2-3 inches) from both sides. For a 20cm (7.5inch) Loop, the treatment field extends from 13-14cm (4-5 inches) on both sides. 

Placement of the Loop

The Loop can be either placed around or on top of the treatment area. There is no difference in treatment quality so long as the area being treated is within the treatment field. The Loop does not need to be touching your animal directly as the treatment field extends out from the Loop. As long as the treatment area is within the field, your animal is receiving treatment.

You can safely hold the Loop to your animal for the duration of the treatment period. If you do not wish to do so, the Loop can be affixed to your animal by vet wrap or bandaging. We also make and sell the Assisi LOOP-AID® Torso Wrap, a Velcro wrap which can be used to hold the Loop in place with the provided Velcro straps.

For use with the Assisi LOOP-AID Torso Wrap, simply lay the Loop over the area of the condition and then apply the Velcro straps to hold in place. Your animal can now walk around as they wish and enjoy hands free treatment.

Applicator Etiquette

Bending or elongating the applicator too much will hinder effectiveness. Keeping the applicator as circular as possible provides the best field of treatment.

FAQs and Other Useful Information

  1. FAQs for Pet Owners:
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