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  • Inflammation Interview Dr. Stephanie Medcroft

    Excerpt from an Interview with Dr. Stephanie Medcroft

    "I have found the Loop to be very useful for inflammatory conditions - internal as well as external - and for wound healing. It is also a common tool in many of my chronic osteoarthritis treatment plans, especially cats, when we have so little else that can be used safely and in dogs with lumbosacral disease and pain.

    Because it reduces inflammation, I started using it with cats who had pancreatitis and early stages of cystitis.  My own cat has had two episodes of cystitis and was blocked twice as an older cat.  This year I think I warded off an impending blockage with the Assisi Loop®." Learn More

  • Inflammation Interview Dr. Tim Crowe

    Case Presented by Dr. Tim Crowe about Wobblers Disease, an Inflammatory Condition

    Rayne, a 15-month-old Great Dane, presented all the clinical signs of a cervical malformation - myelopathy, unable to rise without assistance, diminished proprioception and a typical “Wobbler” disease gait. The Loop was placed over her head and positioned over the affected portion of the neck. The first treatment improved coordination and she was able to rise on her own with difficulty. Her gait continued to improve with daily treatments. Rayne continues to do well at six months later. She still shows slight ataxia. Otherwise, deficits are not detectable and she runs and plays with no or very little compromise.  Learn More

tPEMF® has been shown to have positive effects on both acute and chronic inflammation. Assisi signals virtually eliminate  pain and significantly reduce swelling in rigorous laboratory and clinical studies1.  These results are comparable or superior to NSAIDs, without the potential for side-effects2.

Assisi helps your patient heal faster by accelerating the natural anti-inflammatory cascade – non-invasively and without drugs. Assisi’s technology is proven in laboratory experiments with results published in peer-reviewed journals with demonstrated effect on the known biochemical and cellular mechanisms of action related to inflammation.

In veterinary medicine, Assisi devices have been used to treat arthritis, tendonitis, laminitis and other known inflammatory conditions.

1Johnson MT, Ramanathan M, Owegi R, Pilla AA. 2008. Modulation of carrageenan-induced paw edema and hyperalgesia in the rat with pulsed magnetic field therapy. Proceedings, 30th Annual Meeting, Bioelectromagnetics Society, Frederick, MD, June 2008, p. 156.
2al-Swayeh OA, Clifford RH, del Soldato P, Moore PK. 2000. A comparison of the anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive activity of nitroaspirin and aspirin. Br J Pharmacol. 129:343-50.