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  • Osteoarthritis Case Dr. Erin Troy

    Case Presented by Dr. Erin Troy, Muller Veterinary Hospital

    Millie is a 7-year-old Labrador Retriever. She had a sudden flare of her multi-limb osteoarthritis and was suffering from a lot of pain. It was nearly impossible for her to stand or walk by herself. She has permanent Inflammatory Bowel Disease. As a result, she has dietary and medication restrictions and minimal treatment options. Dr. Troy initiated treatment with the Assisi Loop® and within 10 days, Millie was not only walking and climbing stairs again but able to get in a few short runs in the back yard. After she regained full mobility, her protocol was reduced from daily treatments to occasional treatments as needed for pain.  Learn More

  • Osteoarthritis Case Lis Conarton LVT CCRP

    Case Presented by Lis Conarton LVT, CCRP, of the Veterinary Medical Center of Central New York

    "Autumn is a spirited 18-year old Maine Coon who was suffering from long-term effects of osteoarthritis and chronic inflammation, which decreased her quality of life. Shortly after beginning a physical rehabilitation program we added on the Assisi Loop®. This addition allowed Autumn’s owner to provide therapy at home which was otherwise not possible. Autumn’s owner noticed a change almost immediately. Autumn never tolerated massage or grooming, but seemed to enjoy Loop treatments. The ability for owners to continue treatment at home is essential and Assisi Loop therapy provides this for Autumn and her family."  Learn More

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a growing problem in animals. Assisi is marketing technologies that have been demonstrated to provide pain relief in human OA of the knee1.  There is existing evidence that PEMF therapies of several types may improve the progression of OA and underlying health of cartilage. Studies suggest that use of PEMF can slow the progression of OA in animals2 and have positive effects on cartilage cells directly3. Targeted signals modulate chondrocyte proliferation through a pathway which is mediated by nitric oxide4. This is the same pathway through which Assisi's technology decreases inflammation and enhances healing.5

The use of a standard PEMF technology (not Assisi), produced the significant preservation of cartilage (in pink) in a model that treated animals one-hour a day. Treated animals had a third less progression of OA1.

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