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Pain Management

  • Pain Management Interview Dr. Laurie McCauley

    Excerpt from an Interview with Dr. Laurie McCauley

    "We commonly use the Assisi Loop for acute pain with patients that have had back or neck injuries. We also use it for post-op orthopedic patients - for example, post-cruciate injury or surgery. The Assisi Loop® is a great tool for people who travel a distance to see us. It’s something we can send home with them to use as needed. My own personal dachshund had severe neck pain when he was 11 years old. We were considering surgery as he hates acupuncture and would struggle when we attempted to insert needles. We were also unable to perform chiropractic therapy with him. It was just too painful for him. We switched to a more hands-off approach—we used the Assisi Loop, essential oils, and laser. Within 24 hours of switching, he was significantly better. Surgery was never performed and he is doing great." Learn More

  • Pain Management Interview Dr. Erin Troy

    Excerpt of an Interview with Pain Management Specialist, Dr. Erin Troy

    "If I have a patient with a diagnosis of something more than pain—osteoarthritis, non-healed fracture, post-op cruciate ligament, post-op hip replacement, IVDD – I recommend the Loop. I talk to families very frankly, letting them know that it's non-invasive and that there are no side effects—two things I cannot say about drugs. There's a good amount of human literature that supports the technology behind it. I talk with them about the convenience, because you can't get any more convenient than something you can do in your own home. I think every pet owner should have one, provided they can learn how and where to use it." Learn More

Assisi technology derives from PEMF technology cleared by the FDA for the treatment of post-operative pain and edema. Studies have demonstrated that the Assisi base technology is at least as effective as NSAIDs in the treatment of pain and edema1. In a study on humans, using the technology upon which Assisi is based, the use of pain medication decreased by nearly 3-fold in the treated patients compared with the control group.2

1Johnson MT, Ramanathan M, Owegi R, Pilla AA. 2008. Modulation of carrageenan-induced paw edema and hyperalgesia in the rat with pulsed magnetic field therapy. Proceedings, 30th Annual Meeting, Bioelectromagnetics Society, Frederick, MD, June 2008, p. 156.
2Heden P, Pilla AA. 2008. Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on postoperative pain: a double-blind randomized pilot study in breast augmentation patients. Aesthetic Plast Surg. 32:660-6.