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Wound Healing

  • Case Presented by Dr. Eric Lewis, Bell Road Animal Hospital

    Petey was abandoned on a hot summer day in Montgomery, Alabama. Someone found him and brought him to the Bell Road Animal Medical Center. Dr. Eric Lewis began treating Petey’s wounds immediately. Even with newer technology like the therapy laser, the extent of Petey’s wounds warranted a delayed healing process, but Dr. Lewis was shocked at the speed of healing using the Assisi Loop®. “It’s taken at least 30% less time to heal than I thought it would. I expected it to go fast because I’ve certainly seen the laser make a difference, but it went faster because the Assisi Loop was involved.”  Learn More

  • Case Presented by Dr. Aurelio Chaux on Equine Wound Healing

    A colt, Retorno de Maria, was out to pasture when he was kicked in the leg, opening a large wound. The decision was made not to suture the skin and instead to wash the wound thoroughly, cover it with antiseptic ointment and wrap the leg. Treatment with the Loop was started immediately. The leg was wrapped for the first two days of treatment only and the colt received no other treatment or medications. “To my surprise, the wound had healed completely and the remaining scar is small, there is no residual pain and movement in the leg is normal. One month later, there is no swelling or lameness.”  Learn More

The Assisi technology has been demonstrated to improve wound healing 58% faster than wounds which have not received PEMF Therapy 1. There are many reports of the use of electrical currents to enhance chronic wound healing, with varied, and sometimes equivocal, results.2 Assisi tPEMF® technology provides you with a method of safely and non-invasively inducing targeted electrical currents to enhance wound repair, without the necessity of direct skin contact.3 tPEMF therapy may be used to enhance wound repair in virtually all post-surgical cases. There have been no reports of the use of electrical current applied with skin electrodes to enhance acute wound repair, primarily because patient morbidity would increase rather than decrease.

In tendon healing, not all PEMF signals are equal; Assisi's targeted PEMF signals make the difference.
In tendon healing, not all PEMF signals are equal; Assisi's targeted PEMF signals make the difference.
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